Intellicode Garage Door Opener

If you want to stay safe with an Intellicode garage door opener, Pitt Meadows Genie experts are right here. Fully prepared to make it happen. Actually, we are available for full services. Whenever you have troubles with the opener or the remote or the keypad, you simply reach out to Garage Door Repair Pitt Meadows.

Should we focus now on the Intellicode technology? And why should it interest you? Or do you already know that and just want to see how we can help you? For all answers to such questions, spare a minute. Take a look at what our team can do. And feel already assured of the excellence of all Intellicode garage door opener services in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia.

Increased security with an Intellicode garage door opener in Pitt Meadows

Intellicode Garage Door Opener Pitt Meadows

Let us be of service to you if you are interested in an Intellicode garage door opener in Pitt Meadows. This is the patented security system the Genie company created back in 1995. That was a little while after the first safety guidelines were formed. Before that, openers and remotes were communicated under a fixed frequency. Not safe at all. They were susceptible to hacking. The rolling code technology changed that. It dominated. And the Genie brand created its own platform of opener remote security. What we know today as Intellicode technology.

To this day, Intellicode technology rules. The codes between the transmitter and receiver are never the same. And so, hacking is out of question.

The Genie Intellicode technology built in keypads, remotes, openers

Now, our team sells openers from various brands that all use the rolling code technology for high security. But if you want to stick with Intellicode, you get a Genie opener. You get a Genie remote. Or keypad. No matter which product you need, they will all provide the enhanced security you so need!

Whether you want a Genie Intellicode garage door opener installed or a remote programmed, have no doubt about your security. And not just due to the Intellicode technology. Also, due to our expertise. Let us explain.

Get the full benefits by assigning all Intellicode opener services to us

The Genie Intellicode technology is great. No doubt. But you benefit from it only when the new Genie opener is installed to a T. Or the Genie opener remote is programmed by the book.

Same thing when there’s a need for some garage door opener repair. Any wrong move, bad decision, incorrect service may take a toll on the Intellicode security technology. Why risk it? If you want such solutions and proficient service, without paying much either, turn to us. Call us for any in Pitt Meadows Intellicode garage door opener service.

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