Garage Door Springs

Extension springs resemble lions; they are the kings of the garage door kingdom and they have tremendous power, but it’s better to admire them from afar. When their force is used to sustain the garage door, lift it and keep it stable in a certain position, everything is fine, but if their tension hits someone who is interfering with them and has no knowledge of the hidden dangers, then the results could be catastrophic.

Hence, the rule is stated loud and clear: you should refrain from repairing your springs, but ask for professional assistance when you need to fix garage door spring issues. There are many companies in British Columbia, but when you are dealing with such delicate and demanding jobs, you should rely on the experience and knowledge of Garage Door Springs Pitt Meadows. After all, garagedoorspringwe work with the best and most experienced technicians in Pitt Meadows who are experts on spring repair and can consult you wisely on matters concerning these vital parts of the mechanism.

Most manufacturers estimate that an average spring would live approximately six years, but the right and regular inspection as well as good care of the torsion spring by the people of Garage Door Springs Pitt Meadows may prolong their lives and save you from a considerable expenditure. You must also keep in mind that our good maintenance and careful garage door spring repair will eliminate the possibility of damages as well as accidents.

The greatest advantage of our company is our ability to respond fast to your emergencies because the need for broken spring replacement is an urgent situation, if you want to keep using your garage door with convenience and safety.

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