Garage Door Safety Release

What do you know about your garage door safety release in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia? This component is hard to miss. It is typically a red rope hanging from above near the garage door. It has a handle that you can grab and pull during an emergency. You want to make sure that your safety release is working. This cord allows you to release from the automatic opener. At that point, your door can be opened manually. At Garage Door Repair Pitt Meadows, we arrange for certified technicians to inspect and service your safety release system. We are here if you need us.Garage Door Safety Release Pitt Meadows

Why do you need a garage door safety release?

You may be wondering why you need a garage door safety release. This cord can come in pretty handy during an emergency. These release ropes are used in conjunction with automatic garage door openers. If your power goes out, your opener will not work. Therefore, your Pitt Meadows garage door will not open and close. However, if you pull your safety release, it will disengage the door from the automatic system. Now you can operate your door manually. If you pull this release and nothing happens, it is time to call us. We’ll arrange fast garage door safety release service.

When to use your garage door safety release cord

When should you pull your garage door safety release cord? We have mentioned power outages. In addition, your opener motor may give out. If your opener is broken or damaged, this is a good time to pull your safety release. Keep in mind that safety is most important. It is best to always pull the release when the door is closed. If it is open when you pull the cord, the door will come crashing down. This could cause serious injury to you, your vehicle or someone you love.

Should the opener breaks down or the power goes out while the door is open, think safety first. Make sure there is no one near the door when you pull the handle. If you pull the safety cord and nothing happens, call us. We will arrange for a pro to provide Pitt Meadows garage door safety release rope repair.

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