Garage Door Maintenance

Do you know how significant garage door maintenance is? It prolongs the door’s lifespan, makes the system stronger, prevents problems and keeps parts from aging. After years of experience in residential services, the professionals at our Garage Door Repair in Pitt Meadows, BC, guarantee exceptional work. We maintain to prevent problems and also accidents. That means our technician inspect, fix, lubricate and make adjustments thoroughly. You can trust the future of your door to us.Garage Door Maintenance Pitt Meadows

Our maintenance service step by step

Each single step of our Pitt Meadows garage door maintenance service is important. Here is why.

* Thorough inspection of the door. Our technicians check all parts of the system, including the electric mechanism of the opener. Inspections allow us to assess the condition of the whole system in order to estimate which repair steps to take.

* Opener repairs. We fix any problem with the opener and motor. Rest assured that we can fix all residential openers in British Columbia.

* Garage door adjustment. The door is mainly balanced by the springs. Since springs lose tension every time the door moves, there is always need to add more tension. This way we balance the door.

* There is need for more adjustments. We check the opener settings and make adjustments if the door doesn’t open or close all the way. We also make adjustments if we have to change the door’s force and fix any problem with the reverse system.

* Fasteners are tightened. With the door’s daily movement, fasteners loosen up. We tight everything to eliminate door shaking and noises.

* Garage door troubleshooting. This process is crucial when the door hasn’t been maintained for long and/or there are specific problems with the system. It allows us to identify the nature of the current problem in order to fix it.

* Lubrication process. Steel parts need lubricants in order to slide smoothly. Lubricants act as a layer of protection and keep steel parts from getting damaged from friction.

* Sensors maintenance. The photo eyes are vital for your safety. We check their alignment, condition, fasteners and wires, and make the required changes.

As an overall, our garage door maintenance in Pitt Meadows covers all needs of the system. Everything is checked and everything is fixed so that you can use the door and enjoy its convenience.

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